Music & Other Workshops

Saturday 11 September

10.30 – 11.45 Yoga with Anna Barrow Mowlem Committee Room

The festival is pleased to introduce a yoga session into our workshop programme. The workshop will be led by Elena, an experienced local yoga leader, who will lead you through a session of Hatha slow flow yoga for mixed abilities/beginners and those with more yoga experience.
Please bring a mat or blanket to the session.

10.15 – 11.15 Jam with Bram Sandpit Field Marquee

Your chance to join in a fun music making session lead by Bram Taylor. Bring an instrument and join him in the music marquee on Sandpit Field
for an informal session to start your weekend off
with a swing.

11.30 – 12.30 Ukulele Let’s Play Together with Chris Pullen The Bandstand

Join our local ukulele group and have a go at playing. This is a fun group for absolute beginners to get started on the ukulele and has proved to be very popular. It is suitable for all ages but is aimed to help introduce children to playing a musical instrument. Please bring your own ukulele. There will be a few instruments for children to borrow.

Sunday 12 September

10.30 -11.30 Singing with Lesley Whatley (Local Vocals) Mowlem Committee Room
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Local Vocals is a community choir based in Dorset. It is led by Lesley Whatley and the choir sing totally a cappella and no musical knowledge is required to take part, just enthusiasm. Most of the songs have been personally arranged by Lesley in four parts and she teaches everything by ear.

12- 1pm – Sea Shanty Session With The Wareham Whalers Mowlem Committee Room

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Wareham Whalers have been performing shanties and sea songs for over 15 years. Their style reflects that used on board the sailing ships to accompany the hard work needed to be carried out. During this workshop they will explain the origin and purpose of some of these shanties as well as performing them. You are welcome simply to listen or to join in the rousing choruses.