Dance Lineup

Dance sides already signed up for 2020…

Anonymous Morris
A mixed border morris side from Poole with an energetic, free-flowing dance style and we write many of our own dances.
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Oxfordshire Border Morris side with added Grrr…
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Aurora Appalacian Dance Side

Performing the North West style of clog.
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Performing clog routines from all over the UK, with step dances from the Isle of Man, Quebec and Cape Breton.
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Bideford Phoenix
Dancing a mix of Cotswold and Border Morris.
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Bourne River Morris Men
A men’s Cotswold Morris dance team.
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Dorset Buttons Morris
A women’s North West Morris dance team.
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Dorset Button Rapper
In 1991, it dawned upon some of the band that there might be something in this dancing lark so they formed the Rapper team.
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England’s Glory
A women’s Cotswold Morris dance team.
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Enigma Border Morris
A Border Morris side.
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Exmoor Border Morris
A mixed Border Morris side.
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Festus Derriman
A mixed Morris side performing mainly Cotswold Morris.
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Foxs Morris
Performing an interpretation of the Border’ Morris dances collected in Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Shropshire.
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A border side who Comprise of Lads & Lasses who Dance with Vigor & Controlled aggression with Ruddy Big Sticks!
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Holt Morris
Performing a broad mix of Cotswold Morris styles, though many of the dances are based on a liberal interpretation of the Fieldtown Morris tradition.
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Hurst Morris People
A mixed group performing Cotswold Morris.
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Isambard’s Gasket Rats
A Border Morris Side based around Newton Abbot. All dances and music are ‘home grown’, drawing on our surrounding countryside, moors and seas for inspiration.
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Magog Morris
A ladies side and dance a variety of traditions including Cotswold, Stave, North West Clog and Garland.
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Marling Morris
Performing North West Morris, which is one of the more spectacular, giving a noisy and colourful display.
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Mayflower Morris
A women’s team dancing in the North West style, based in Ash Vale on the Surrey/Hampshire border.
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Morena Dance
Offers very colourful, energetic, fast, temperament and quite physical show based on Slovak dance.
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Mr Wilkins Shilling
A women’s side based in Bath, performing North West Morris.
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New Forest Meddlars
A mixed Morris dance side, dancing mainly in the Cotswold and Border traditions.
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No Mean Feet
A lively traditional style, with brightly coloured costumes and hard soled shoes with taps which emphasize the percussive element of Appalachian dance.
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OBJ Morris
A mixed Border Morris group.
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Old Palace Clog
A women’s Northwest clog dancing group (with male and female musicians) based in Croydon.
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Phoenix Morris
A mixed Morris side performing traditional Cotswold dances.
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Pump House Clog Morris
Performing a style of English traditional dance called North West Morris.
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Ragged Phoenix Morris
They are an Eastbourne based mixed Border Morris side.
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Ridgeway Step Clog
A group of step-clog dancers using traditional, mainly English clog steps as a base.
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Tinners Morris
Cotswold Morris with Dartmoor specialities.
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Treacle Eater
A North West Morris dancing team, based in Yeovil and founded in 1983.
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The Wight Bells
A Ladies Morris side based on the Isle of Wight who dance in the North West tradition. Their roots began in 1998 and they started dancing out in May 1999.
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Wyvern Jubilee Morris
A Cotswold side.
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