Free programme.

Throughout the weekend many of the performances are free to watch and listen to, where we charge for others. You are welcome to turn up to watch any of the free events, although arriving early makes sense.

Click on any of the events below to get more information about it. Each event shows where it is and what type of event it is, click on these to get more information.

At the bottom of this page is a map of the festival locations.

The programme is still being built and subject to change.

We are adding new acts as soon as they confirm,

and will confirm bands & days very soon.

Taeppas Tump

Taeppas Tump

Taeppas Tump are performing at the 2022 Swanage Folk Festival in their burgundy red skirts, white blouses and green aprons with decorated straw hats

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Dance sides

There are over 50 dance sides performing on Saturday and Sunday, throughout the day. The groups are coming from across the UK and will mainly be performing along the sea front and in Victoria gardens. 

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